Anteism is a Canadian publisher working with galleries and artists to produce unique art books. Our blog showcases the books we produce and the artist books we love!

Artist Book Submission - Homeward Bound Zine

Over the years Anteism has been sent a bunch of great art books and zines. We appreciate people sharing their work with us and want to highlight these past and future submissions. We will be showcasing these books/zines on our blog. The most recent submission is ...

A zine about train art and skateboarding in the gateway to the interior of British Columbia

Homeward Bound is a half page art zine focusing on railroading and skateboarding with a mix of original illustrations and photography by S.W. Blake.

• Colour stock cover 
• Grayscale printing 
• 32 pages 
• 8.5 x 5.5 inches 
• Staple bound

Pick up a copy of Homeward Bound

Submit your art book or zine to the library.

If you are interested in sharing your art related book or zine please send a copy to the address on our contact page.  We make every effort to showcase the titles we feel our readers will enjoy. All donated submissions will remain in a public art book library which is exhibited through OuterSpace Gallery

The Many Face of Koyama Press


OuterSpace Gallery is pleased to host "The Many Faces of Koyama Press" the first in an ongoing series of publisher spotlight exhibitions at Outerspace Gallery. We wish to provide arts publishers a platform to show their various publications side by side, to truly allow the viewer an understanding of the publishers vision. 

We will be exhibiting the near complete catalog of publications produced by the crucial Canadian comics and art publisher Koyama Press. 

We will also be exhibiting the artwork of six artists who have been published by Koyama Press - Patrick Kyle, Jesse Jacobs, Luke Ramsey, Tin Can Forest, Alex Schubert and Allister Lee .

This exhibition is for everyone who enjoys art, comics/graphic novels and books in general. 

The exhibition will take place during Culture Days at Centennial Square in Victoria, BC.
September 27th-29th, 2013

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Free Comic Book Day - last minute artist zine

free comic book day - art book

Anteism releases free book for Free Comic Book Day

In a last minute effort to support the International Free Comic Book Day Anteism has rallied a handful of artists to put together an art zine.

Seven artists have submitted comic related/inspired artwork for this booklet. The book is available to download as a PDF & Epub and physical copies will be available through the online Anteism book shop.Copies are wet off the press, photos to come. Order your copy today.

Download the Web PDF Here

Have a flip through the web version.

Jason McLean & Peter Thompson Artist Book

Texas on the Thames is a new artist zine by Jason McLean and Peter Thompson.

Zine Cover for artist's Jason McLean & Peter Thompson

Anteism is currently printing a new zine and thought we would share some video of the covers flying off the press. The book will be a two colour print of collaborative drawings by the two London, Ontario artists. These should be available online in our shop in the next week, or grab a copy from the artists themselves.

Here's the first colour coming off the press. A dark burgundy for the front and back cover.

The second colour .

"Brujos" an Artist Book by Erik Volet

Brujos | Artist Book / Zine

A selection of ink drawings by Erik Volet

Erik Volet - Artist Book / Zine

The Brujos zine is a selection of drawings taken from a dozen of Volet's sketchbooks. The images in this artist book have been selected from various periods but have a cohesive styling. Loose themes of family & abstract magical landscapes.

- 32 B&W Pages - 13.5cm x 20cm ( 5.25″x 7.75″ ) - Screen Printed Half Page Cover - Numbered Edition of 100

More Info & Purchase

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Anteism Artist Book Shortlisted for ABoTM Prize

Canadian Haircut Cut Shortlisted for Artist Book Award

James Kirkpatrick & Peter Thompson's collaborative zine is part of the Art Gallery of York Universities Artist Book Exhibition.

Anteism's artist book / zine Canadian Haircut Cut ( by Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick ) has been shortlisted for the "Artist's Book of the Moment" by the Art Gallery of York University. The AGYU has a list of all the books submitted to the exhibition.

Pick up a copy of the zine for $6 in our shop.

*INE - a Free Zine From "A" through "Z"

*INE - a Zine From "A" through "Z"

A free zine about small and quirky bits of architecture and history in London.

David Lasnier is a french artist living in London, who has produced an artist book and some multiple objects. Lasnier has recently self-published of a one-page zine called *INE. The first issue is entitled AINE; and will work it's way through the alphabet (BINE; CINE;) and so on until ZINE.

*INE is an edition of 100 : 50 spread freely, 50 completed by hand, numbered/signed and sold for £2.

You can also have a look and download the zine pdf here :



*ine zine david lasnier

*ine zine david lasnier

David Shillinglaw - No King Hungry Spirit Book


No King  / Hungry Spirit

Extracts from a novel no one will ever read.

David Shillinglaw has released a new zine called No King Hungry Spirit. The book is 24 pages of  drawings, photographs and text. The spine of the book is hand stitched with red and blue thread.

• A5 book. • Edition of 200. • Black and white. • 24 Hand Stitched Pages Purchase the Book

Free Drawings Newspaper #6 Available


The current issue (#6) includes the following artists: Luke Ramsey, Luke Painter, Andrew Wilson, Ron Regé Jr, Steph Davidson, Seripop, Matt Hart, Fiona Smyth, Jesjit Gill and Michael Deforge.

We will be including a copy in all orders purchased through Anteism. While supplies last.

The deadlines for next issue is January 2010, so send your drawings to freedrawingsnewspaper{at}

Anteism Publishing at Expozine 2009


Anteism will have a table at this years Expozine. We will be showcasing our new multi-coloured zine "Canadian Haircut Cut" by Peter Thompson and James Kirkpatrick as well as two brand new individual artist books by the the duo.

Expozine, Montreal’s annual small press, comic and zine fair, will take place on Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 5035 St-Dominique (Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, near Laurier Métro). Free admission.

The opening party, featuring readings and live music, will take place Friday, November 13, at Sky Blue Door, 5403B St. Laurent (side door), 7 – 11 p.m., free admission.

This incredible event brings together nearly 300 creators of all kinds of printed matter – from books to zines to posters and graphic novels – in both English and French. In the past eight years, Expozine has become one of North America's largest small press fairs, attracting thousands of visitors as well as exhibitors from as far as France, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver and Quebec City!

Come discover a universe of publications and printed works that is hard to find anywhere, much less all in the same room! It’s also a rare opportunity to meet hundreds of young and emerging authors, publishers and artists, and see what the winners of last year’s Expozine Alternative Press Awards are up to.

This year for the first time there will also be a program of discussions and readings running throughout the event, as well as an opening party on Friday, November 13 (details to be announced). Not to be missed!

Expozine is made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.

Canada's Largest Zine Fair - Canzine


Canzine is Canada's largest celebration of small press publishing and "alternative culture", hosted by the rad magazine Broken Pencil. The event features over 150 zines from across Canada, as well as all day underground film and video open screening, panel discussions, readings and more. Below are two articles about this years event Canzine 2009.

BlogTO: Canzine 2009 All About Indie Video Games, Kooky Zines, Collaborative Comics, Unflattering Portraits, Graphic Tees and More

Torontoist: Can-Can-Canzine!

Pith - Artist Zine by Charlotte Cynthia Walton

cover_web Pith_charlotte_cynthia_walton_1Pith_charlotte_cynthia_walton_2Pith_charlotte_cynthia_walton_3 Pith - {The Heart Of }{The Essence} is an art zine by Victoria artist Charlotte Cynthia Walton AKA C.C. Walton. The zine highlights works from Charlottes sketchbook, scans from 3 dimensional paper sculptures and paper cut-outs. Available: $6.00

• 8.5"x5.5" • 28 pg • 2 Colour Screen Printed Cover • Vellum Insert Title Page • Numbered Edition of 100


Canadian Haircut Cut Zine

Canadian Haircut Cut is a new zine by James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thompson. The zine was created in Victoria while the Brain Trust duo was here for their book launch. Each of the 16 pages is a two colour print, printed with soy based inks. The zine printed on a finicky 1980's multi-colour printing machine - show signs of glitches and mis-registration making each zine slightly different. The process is similar to screen-printing so each image is comprised of two drawings which combined produce the two colours. • 16 pages printed in Blue, Metallic Gold, Red, Purple, Black and Green • 5.5"x8.5" • Numbered Edition of 100 • 24lb Acid Free Paper (In case you plan on living Forever!)

Available | Price - $6.00

Sample Pages: ( Have you heard that new song by NOFX about Tegan or was it Sara? )

Canadian Haircut Cut - Zine Cover canadian_haircut_cut2 canadian_haircut_cut3 canadian_haircut_cut_lastcanadian_haircut_cut4 canadian_haircut_cut_inside_cover

Warren Craghead - The Surf & The Face - Free Zine

Warren Craghead's new mini book / zine is available to download through his website. While your there checkout his other book, collage and drawing works or info at his blog.

*Update: Warren has a new DIY zine available called "a circle, a sphere."

The Surf and The Face

Download the d.i.y. PDF here (16.7mb)

Released under a Creative Commons License, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

To make the book, print the PDF on either side of a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 in. (21.5 x 28 cm) paper.Starting with the side with text facing you (page 1 of the PDF) and the text area in the bottom left, fold in half towards you onceleft to right, then once top to bottom, then once morein half. The cover of the book is the image shgown here.Staple and then cut any attached adges.